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Akbank was founded as a privately owned commercial bank in Adana on January 30, 1948. Established originally with the core objective of providing funding to local cotton growers, the Bank opened its first branch in Istanbul’s Sirkeci district on July 14, 1950. In 1954, after relocating its headquarters to Istanbul, the Bank rapidly expanded its branch network and automated all its banking operations by 1963.

Initially offered to the public in 1990, Akbank stock began trading in international markets and as an American Depository Receipt (ADR) after its second public offering in 1998.

The first Turkish bank to be a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact in 2007, Akbank shares its sustainability performance with stakeholders via the Akbank Sustainability Report. The Bank has published this report in accordance with Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standards every year since 2009.

Akbank has grouped its digital banking services, which it pioneered in Turkey, under Akbank Mobile and Internet, providing solutions to clients’ financial needs and delivering service at the most convenient points with an excellent customer experience. In a world of fastadvancing technology and increasingly demanding customers, Akbank strives to satisfy client needs without time or physical location limitations while pioneering technological innovations both in the sector and in Turkey.

Akbank anticipates changes in trends and customer dynamics to develop new products and channels for meeting the individual financial needs of clients. With this approach, the Bank has introduced many innovations to Turkey’s banking industry. Akbank has taken steps today to ready itself for tomorrow’s technologies and to integrate these into the Bank’s culture. For this purpose, Akbank Innovation Center “Akbank LAB” was established in 2016. Akbank LAB develops innovative projects to meet the needs of the Bank’s various business units. In addition, it works to ensure that globally recognized financial solutions are integrated into the Bank’s business processes to achieve the goal of delivering a perfect customer experience.

Akbank Banking Center was inaugurated in 2010. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the Center is continuously boosting Akbank’s productivity and service quality. In 2017, broke ground for Akbank Data and Life Center and continued its investments throughout 2018. The Center is became operational in 2019. The complex comprises of Akbank Data Center, which constitutse the core of Akbank’s entire technology infrastructure, and Akbank Life Center, which offers social services to 3,000 Akbank employees. The Center is Akbank’s largest one-off investment to date.

Akbank conducts overseas business operations through its subsidiary in Germany (Akbank AG) and a branch in Malta. The Bank introduced AkÖde mobile app and prepaid card to offer practical, swift and creative solutions for the financial needs of non-Bank clients and youth with a strong systems infrastructure. Non-banking financial services, capital markets and investment services are undertaken by the Bank’s affiliates Ak Investment, Ak Asset Management and Aklease.

As one of the most committed supporters of contemporary art in Turkey, Akbank engages in a wide variety of arts and culture activities with the aim of making art more accessible. Akbank is a visionary bank that makes social investments in many diverse areas, including jazz, theater, contemporary arts as well as environmental protection such as the Carbon Disclosure Project, for the advancement of society.

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